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A free summer seminar for experienced high school journalism advisers

Getting ahead of the curve

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Illustration by Free Press, used via Creative Commons

Beginning advisers are often the focus of summer workshops, and no one doubts they are important to help the struggling new recruits who had never planned to advise a newspaper or yearbook, much less a television station or news website.

But what about those solid, successful advisers who just want to keep getting better? What if they want to know what’s new for media and want to help their students keep pace with new possibilities?

That’s where the Center for Scholastic Journalism’s new workshop comes in. For experienced advisers, it will offer a chance to upgrade their skills and expand their knowledge.

Twenty-three teachers selected from 15 states — Washington  to Georgia, Massachusetts to Texas — will arrive on the Kent State University campus Sunday, July 14, 2019 and spend the next week immersed in the newest in content, technology, law and ethics. Better yet, this is at no cost to them.

Watch this site for their blogs and tweets, their podcasts and data visualization, their 360 video and their plans for solutions journalism reporting from their students next fall.

And if you’re interested in something like this next summer, let’s just say we plan for this to be only the beginning.