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A free summer seminar for experienced high school journalism advisers

From the 23 teachers who attended this workshop in July 2019, we have included Solutions Journalism Story Ideas, other Story Ideas for a whole range of topics and Tech Examples of something they learned, many of these for data visualization, plus some resources anyone can use in the future for these topics.

Six Useful Resources That We Didn’t Review

We were introduced to tons of new nifty Google tools and multimedia activities that we can utilize in our classrooms immediately. However, there are some great places for additional resources that I’d like to share about some topics we didn’t cover much during the week. 


  • Penn State Digital Photography Site > A good resource for students to learn the basics of photography such as aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, etc. This could also be a great activity for students to do if you have a substitute teacher. If you’d like the worksheet that goes along with this site, please e-mail me at and I’d be happy to send it to you!
  • Photography Mapped > This is a great interactive activity to use with your students that will be taking pictures at events to include in your publication. After reviewing the basics of photography in class, students have the ability to explore different settings and their combinations to study their effects on a photo.
  • Camera Sim > Another simulation of a camera that the students can play around with before they actually get their hands on the DSLRs. While the above resource is also great, this one has an actual image to photograph instead of a graphic illustration.

Media Literacy

  • The News Literacy Project and Checkology > These two resources work together to provide lesson plans, resources, professional development, and newsletters for educators to enhance and improve their teaching of media literacy in the classroom. 

Other Advisers

  • The Organized Adviser > Katie Moreno, CJE, is an adviser from Texas who created a community of scholastic journalism teachers to share lesson plans and resources. I’ve found so many helpful classroom activities and ideas on her site!
  • Hanks said. > Courtney Hanks, adviser of the Oddysey yearbook and UHSPress team at University High School in Florida, provides tips, tricks, and resources for journalism advisers of all publications. I really love her post about themes.

Are there any resources you know of that are “must haves” for advisers? 

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