Student media presence strong in public high schools

Census 2011

In the spring of 2011, the Center for Scholastic Journalism solicited 
information about the presence of scholastic media from a random sample of over 4,000 public high schools across the nation, one of the 
largest samples ever surveyed and the first such sample gathered after student media began to move 
online. We learned how many schools have 
student-produced newspapers and newsmagazines, yearbooks, television and radio programs or websites. Combining that information with the demographic data from each school presents a picture of scholastic journalism
 that we've never seen before.  We were able to relate 
a student’s high school journalism opportunities to their community’s wealth, school size, minority vs. majority student population and other traits. This research tells us where high school journalism stands today and gives a baseline for future research on the 

To download a copy of our initial report CLICK HERE.


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